The ITZE Name

ITZE (pronounced IT-SEE) has its own special meaning to us. Back in 2003, right after my son Zack was born, was when I decided to dive full on into wedding photography and start my own business. With this little tiny bundle in my arms, I wanted so badly to help others capture those precious moments in time that couldn’t be replaced and often times were forgotten if it weren’t for a photograph. My husband, Igor, supported me on this journey and together we built this business from the ground up. Like any business, it took a full team effort and unwavering love, care, and patience. As Zack grew, he celebrated along with us as we opened our first Connecticut based studio space and allowed me to practice poses and lighting techniques on him. Time passed and we welcomed our baby girl Ella. She too became an instant model for her Mama. Now 13 and 9, they are both harnessing their own creativity in this art of photography that they grew up with. We are a family based business, tried and true. With the same love and care, we welcome each of our clients into our little family. Our ITZE family. –(I)gor, (T)ina, (Z)ack, and (E)lla

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