Studio Progress

It's been a few weeks since we first walked into our new studio space and gosh, we sure have made a lot of progress! First on the docket was paint. It's the quickest and one of the cheapest ways to make the most impact. The room started out a bright yellow color which just wasn't the image we were going for. After researching some different looks, I fell in love with the idea of a dark grey and white look with a chair rail. So we ran with that idea!

This was the yellow that the room started out as.

We were inspired by some design images we found that featured a grey and white pallet. Here you can see the original yellow and the dark grey going on the walls. We chose to have 3 walls that were split with the chair rail and then one solid dark grey wall.

My beautiful little helper (my daughter Ella) painting the lower color. The color is a very light (almost white) blue. She's doing a great job!

We finished the painting and now it is time to add the white chair rail!

Voila! Now it's time to add pictures!

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