It Take Two Baby

Sometimes planning a wedding can be such a challenge because it seems like there are so many people to please and so many things to consider with every decision made. You may want the raspberry filling in the cake while your dear fiancé may be rooting for the chocolate. Instead of getting distraught with all of these differences, try to view this as practice for the rest of your life together. Over the decades you'll be together there will be many times that you both want different things. The wedding is the preseason and is helping you to practice how you will handle these differences in the future. In most situations, both parties can make some compromise. Try to find ways for both of you to win. Most of the time there is way for this to be possible. Take the cake example, maybe one layer you get in raspberry and another layer in chocolate. It's important that you both find ways to compromise and comfortably communicate your desires and the reasons behind them so that you can both understand where the other person is coming from. No one person should always be the winner. You're a team!

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